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Computer Science: Search Strategy

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Search Strategy

When searching for information on a topic, it is important to be organised and have a clear search process in mind. Searching involves a number of steps, and you may have to repeat steps as you fine tune your search. The aim is to keep searching until you have sufficient information to enable you to answer your research quesiton!

iSearch, Information Search Process
Information search process: RMIT University Library

  • Mind mapping! Before starting your search: Make a broad scan on your topic, mapping down interesting words that match you research question, as keywords. Don’t forget to read and update your mind map. Usually you have to go back and do your search again with different keywords several times.
  • Quick start! It’s a good idea to read about the same concept in a few different resources.
    Student theses (Sweden). Search for relevant sources in the reference lists.








  • You've just read an interesting article - which are the keywords?
  • Which are the keywords in your research question (topic)?
  • Creating a "wordle" of your keywords can help you get an overwiev.

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