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Odontology: Keywords

This subject guide provides information and resources that are particularly useful to you as a student at the faculty of Odontology.

Develop keywords

When you begin searching for information, you must identify keywords related to your topic or research question. be creative, you can find important keywords in yor research question, in encyclopedias and glossaries. In most databases you can find words that are useful in the database thesaurus. If you find a relevant article that articles content is described with words either from the thesaurus or from the author.


Some words explained

Thesaurus - A controlled vocabulary that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.

Cinahl Headings - Thesaurus found in Cinahl.

Descriptors - In som databases the words in the thesaurus or is called descriptors.

MeSH - Medical Subject Headings. The thesaurus found in PubMed and Cochrane.

Keyword - Either own words that the author uses to describe the article (not using the thesaurus) or words used to describe the key concepts in a research question.

Free-text terms - words used in a search that is not found in the thesaurus.