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Systematic review: Reference Management

Reference management and systematic search

RefWorks and Systematic Searching

Some links to information about how you can work with RefWorks when you are dealing with large search results.

  • Longitudinal search Same search in the same database over a longer timeframe.
  • Overflowing search When your search generates a result and you cannot make the search more narrow without loosing relevant articles.


Duplicate check in refworks

When you search for information in multiple databases, and import the references into RefWorks you will need to do a duplicate check

  1. Make two working folders "Check" and "Exclude"
  2. Move the references you want to check for duplicates to the folder called "Check".
  3. Right-click on the folder "Check" and choose "Find duplicates - close duplicates in this folder". You will then get a list of possible duplicates. Please observe that the list can be many pages.
  4. Pick out the references that you do not want to keep (check the boxes). RefWorks have already checked the duplicate boxes, but you might want to do a manual verification.
  5. Move the checked reference in to the "Exclude" folder.
  6. Delete the references in the "Exclude" folder: Go to the folder "Exclude" check "All in list" and click "Delete".
  7. Finish by emtying the folder "Check". Go to the folder "Check" check "All in list" and check the icon for "Remove from folder"