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Design: Product design

Encyclopedias & Handbooks

Design journals

Below you find a selection of design related journals you can access through Malmö university. A tip is to create an alert and get notified whenever a new issue is published - that keeps you up to date!

Google scholar

Google scholar is an excellent tool for searching the web for information with scientific relevance. When using Google scholar you search for articles, books, theses, student essays, patents and all kinds of scholarly literature. For an interdisciplinary subject - like product design - this is often useful.

To use Google scholar effectively (and reach the full text material) you need to go to: 

Google Scholar → Settings → Library links → Malmö University - Full text@MAU 

Selection of relevant databases

There are of course other relevant databases for students at product design. Below you'll find a list of databases that can be relevant for you. 

How to search Google scholar

Design research

On you can search for design research (books, articles, reports etc.). The site is run by SVID (Swedish Industrial Design Foundation) and The Swedish Faculty for Design Research and Research Education