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Systematic review: Search Terms

How to find keywords

1. Begin with a known item. When you look up the item, use the index or search terms from it to search and locate more items like the one that you have

2. Do a "simple search" look up how the articles in the result list is indexed

3. Check the databases thesaurus - can you find related words? Broaden or narrow your selected term?

4. Is there any similar systematic reviews? Look at their search strategies

5. Use a text mining tool (see box to the right)

Text Mining Tools

Tools for analyzing text, also called text mining tools, can be used to analyze protocols or abstracts in order to find words and phrases to use in your search strategy.


is a Term Management System which identifies key phrases in text. Copy/paste the text you want to analyze.


Analytic tool connected to PubMed. Analyzes keywords, but also experts, journals nd resarch connected to your search query.


Analytic tool connected to PubMed. Analyzes MeSH-terms, journals, authors etc.