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Reference management programs: Upgrade to new RefWorks


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Migrating from old to new Refworks

If you already have a RefWorks account, upgrade by logging in to your account then click on the link: Move to the newest version of RefWorks from Proquest.

It is possible to use both your new and old account, but changes you make to the references in your new account won't show in the old account. In ongoing work you need to reinsert the references.

Migrating your references to new Refworks

When to upgrade?

Keep using old RefWorks if:

  • you're close to finishing your work
  • you plan to finish your work within a year


Upgrade to new RefWorks if:

  • you're in the begining of your writing process
  • you're having problems with old RefWorks and/or the latest version of Word
  • you want to try something new