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Reference management programs: Word


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Refworks citation manager

The RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is a new Microsoft Word add-in for accessing, inserting and formatting citations, footnotes and bibliographies in your Word document, in your chosen output style. Make sure that you can use add-ins in Word.

RCM runs on Office 2016 and later versions. On Windows you have the option of running either Write-N-Cite 4.3 or RCM on Office 2016. For MacOS (and iOS) you must install and run RCM.

Any citations and/or bibliography that have been inserted by Write-N-Cite are not compatible with the RefWorks Citation Manager. Adversely so, any citations and/or bibliography that have been inserted by the RefWorks Citation Manager are not compatible with Write-N-Cite. Citations will need to be re-inserted and the document updated with Write-N-Cite or the RefWorks Citation Manager.

Adding citation manager in word

RefWorks Citation Manager is available through Microsoft Store in Word and can be installed from there.

Read more in the instructions below: