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Reading online or offline?

Note! If you have a good internet connection it is easier to read e-books online than offline and there is no need to use Adobe Digital Editions!

Questions regarding e-books?

Please contact Ola Tengstam or Lotta Hertzberg at 

How do I find e-books?

The library's e-books can be found by searching for a title, author or a subject in Libsearch and then limiting your search to Source Type > eBooks.

It is also possible to search directly on the E-book platforms.

Request an E-book

Please use our form to order an e-book


Tools to read offline

Required actions to read offline (necessary only when/if you don't have a good internet connection)

Adobe ID

Due to DRM, you will need an Adobe ID in order to download e-books from Ebook Central, EBSCO Ebook Collection and Dawsonera.

Use this account to authorize Adobe Digital Editions and/or Bluefire Reader.


Adobe Digital Editions

To download, read on screen, and to transfer e-books to a computer or other device you will need Adobe Digital Editions.

Adobe Digital Editions is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets.

Then use your Adobe ID to authorize your device on Adobe Digital Editons.


DRM or why aren't all e-books the same?

Different ebook publishers specialize in different subject areas. 
This means that the library acquires ebooks from a number of different publishers and vendors. And often these vendors have different policies on Digital Rights Management.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems control how digital content is used. These systems are set by the vendor or publisher, and determine things like:

  • whether more than one person at a time can view an ebook
  • whether the ebook can be downloaded
  • how much can be downloaded or printed
  • whether there is a time limit for viewing an ebook
  • what devices or programs can support the ebook's format or file type
  • whether you need an additional sign-in account (separate from your University login) to access features of the ebook.