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Ebooks@MAU: Dawsonera



In Dawsonera you find e-books on most subjects, with an emphasis on the social sciences.

  • Search in Dawsonera (use this link if you are outside campus or on the wireless network within Malmo University)
  • Search in Dawsonera (use this link if you are (staff on wireless, on campus access, uses the library's computers or fixed network)

Printing: maximum of 5% of a book that you are reading online, one page at a time. From a book that is downloaded it is not possible to print or copy. In most cases you need to create a user account (for free) at Dawsonera to be able to print or copy.

Downloading: E-books from Dawson can be downloaded of a maximum 7 day.

Downloading to device:  Adobe Digital Editions is required. You also need to create an account on the Adobe website.

Note! If you are using Chrome as web browser you might have problems downloading e-books from Dawson.
Either choose another web browser or save the pdf on you computer before opening it.
If you choose to open the pdf straight away through Chrome you will get a error message saying "failed to load"


If you are experiencing other problems please look at Dawsonera's support page for further help.