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Criminology Master Thesis: Systematic review

What is a peer review article?

  • Often follows IMRAD structure (see below for more information on IMRAD)
  • Presents research
  • Written by researchers
  • Peer reviewed by other researchers within the field (see below for more information on peer review)
  • Published by an academic publisher or a university


Peer review articles are often written in an IMRAD format, which means the following:

  • I - Introduction
  • M - Methods
  • R - Results
  • And
  • D - Discussion

Peer review articles often have an abstract as well, which summarizes the content of the article as well as references to other research.

Peer review

Before are researcher can publish an article in a scholarly journal it has to be peer reviewd by another reasearcher within the same field. Below you can learn more about the peer review process.

Limit to peer review articles in databases

Some databases have the option to limit the search to peer review journals. Look for a box sayintg "Peer review" and tick it after you've run your search.

Note that you can't use the peer review limiter in Pubmed. Instead use Ulrichsweb, where you search for the journal and check under "Refereed", if it says "Yes" it is a peer review journal. You can also google the name of the journal and check their website to see if there's any information on peer review.