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Reference management programs: Referenshanteringsprogram

Reference management programs


A reference management program is a useful tool when working on larger projects with many references, for example an essay or a research article. There are several different programs, some of which are free and some which the university has a license for. 

With a reference management program you can:

  • collect and organize your references and PDFs
  • import references from databases such as PubMed, ERIC, Libsearch or Google Scholar
  • insert citations into you document and create a bibliography
  • adapt your references to different citation styles
  • share your references with others

A comparison of different reference management programs 

Reference styles - guides

When using a reference management program it is important to check that tour citations are correct according to the reference style you are using. Use our guide on writing references and reference styles. 


Reference management programs at malmö university

Malmö University Library ends its campus license for RefWorks in April 2020.

As of autumn term 2019, Malmö university instead holds a license for EndNote. All students and staff at Malmö University have free access to EndNote. Find more information about the program and support material under EndNote.

How do I export my references from RefWorks to Endnote?

Below we have collected some guides.

If you run in to problems or have other questions about how to end your RefWorks account and export your reference library to EndNote or Mendeley, please contact:


If you have any questions, please contact:

Moving references - RefWorks to Endnote

Migrating Citations from RefWorks to EndNote desktop (old Refworks)

Migrating Citations from RefWorks Proquest to EndNote (new Refworks)

Your folder structure will not be recreated automatically when moving your references from RefWorks to EndNote. 

To recreate your folder structure we recommend creating and naming "groups" in EndNote accordning to your folder system. Then move the references from RefWorks to EndNote folder by folder.