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EndNote - How it works

EndNote Desktop

If you are a student or staff at Malmo university you can download EndNote Desktio to your computer (up to three units) for free. You then create a Library into which you can import references. The latest version is EndNote 20, which is the version you can download from Malmo University. Most material in this guide is on EndNote X9, an earlier version, but the way you work is quite similar.



With the installation you will also get a pug in for Word. The plug in gives you accessto the references in your EndNote Library, so that you automatically can insert them into your Word document.


EndNote  Online

EndNote Online is an online version of EndNote which is free to use. Student of staff at Malmö University get access to full funcionality when creating an account. By syncing EndNote desktop and EndNote Online you can access your references when using different computers.

Download EndNote

If you have a Mau computer

If you are staff at Mau you can download the latest version of EndNote (20) from Företagsportalen (PC) or Managed Software Center (Mac).


If you have your own computer

If you are a student at Mau or staff that want to download the latest version of EndNote (20) to your own computer follow the steps below. You can download EndNote on up to three different units.


For Windows

  1. Log into

  2. Navigate to N:\Campus\EndNote\EndNote 20 Windows.

  3. Download ENX9Inst.exe.

  4. Start software installation.

  5. Select “I have a product key” and use the product key from IDService. (Log in to IDService with your computer identity)

  6. Complete user details.

  7. Accept the user agreement that pops up and click through all the installation steps (leaving all the checkboxes at their default values for the options/questions that pop up is fine).

  8. Finish installation and start EndNote.


For Mac

  1. Log in to

  2. Choose Share N > Campus > EndNote > EndNote 20 Mac

  3. Download EndNoteX9Installer.dmg

  4. Start the installation

  5. Choose “I have a product key” and use the product key from IDService (Log in to IDService with your computer identity)

  6. Fill out you user information

  7. Agree to the license agreements and click through all the steps of the installation

  8. Finish the installation and start EndNote

Getting started with EndNote

  1. Download the program to your computer (see above infomation on how to download EndNote)
  2. Find the program on your computer and finish the installation process by accepting the terms of use.
  3. Create an EndNote Library by clicking File and New, rename and save
  4. Start collecting references. If you have searched a database you can import references from there. How you do it differs fom different databases, bur look for words like "Export", "EndNote", "Send to Citation Manager" and such. If you use the Firefox web browser you can import it directly in to EndNote, otherwise save a RIS-file and then import it from your EndNote Desktop.
  5. Your references will be saved in a foler called "All references". If you want to organize them in a different way you can create different folders and drag and drop your references there.

You can only access your references on EndNote Desktop on the computer you have downloaded it to. If you want to use EndNote on other computers you have to create an EndNote Online account and sync your EndNote Library. From another computer you'll then log in to EndNote Online and work in Word in the same way as you would with EndNote Desktop.

You can create your EndNote Online account here (choose Register)

A short introduction to EndNote for PC

A short introduction to EndNote for Mac

EndNote Guides

Guide EndNote Online (From Karolinska Institutet University Library)

Guide EndNote X9 (From Karolinska Institutet University Library)


If  you have any questions on EndNote you can contact us at: