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Communication for development: Welcome to the library!

This is a brief introduction to the Library and its services, for more information check out the Library web. coffe
If you have questions or need help when seeking information, please send me or the library an email.

Linda Karlsson 
Communication for Development Liaison Librarian, Malmö University

Getting access


Some, but not all, books on the reading lists are available as library ebooks, for example Communication and Social Change : A Citizen Perspective (Tufte, Thomas (2017)).

You find these ebooks in Libsearch, the library's search tool, alongside the printed versions. Search for a specific book title, or search any subject and limit to Source types > Ebooks. 

Book search in Libsearch:

A short introduction to library ebooks:

In this guide you find out more about the library's ebooks, how to download a whole book or chapters, print pages etc.

Journal articles

​You search for journal articles in Libsearch. Refine your search to Scholarly and peer reviewed or Academic journal to filter out articles from scholarly journals. The default setting is limited to what's available at the library, Electronic and printed material via the library, but you can easily expand your search by changing the limiter.

You can also use Google Scholar to find articles from academic publishers and researchers. It’s a great alternative to Libsearch. Customize Google Scholar by adding the link to journals available at Malmö University: Google Scholar > Settings > Library Links > search for Malmö University > select and save Malmö University - Fulltext Mau
Short guide to Google Scholar 

Journals A-Z Search for a specific journal title and check which years the library have access.

Databases A-Z Databases available via the library.

Stay current with Browzine

Read the library's electronic journals on your phone, tablet or directly on the web. With Browzine you can browse the library's journals, collect your favorites, and save and read articles.  

  • Download Browzine app to your smartphone or tablet
  • Choose Malmö University under "Choose Library"
  • Sign in with your computer identity
  • Create your own Browzine account for saved articles and personal bookshelves

And a few more tips

Writing references – how to copy references from Libsearch and Google Scholar

Reference management programs: Endnote and Mendeley 

Instructions install Endnote (In Swedish)

Microsoft Office – students at Malmö University have free access to Microsoft Office. You also have access to software such as Nvivo and SPSS.