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Create and save a new Endnote Library

After installing Endnote Desktop:

1. Open the program
2. Choose "Create New Library"



3. Name your library and save it onto your hard drive. It’s important not to save the library in a cloud service, the library might be corrupted in that kind of syncing services.

An Endnote library consists of two units, an enl.-file and a .Data-folder.

  • The two units must be saved in the same place.
  • Recommendation: Create a folder for your Endnote Library and place the two units in that folder.


Backup your library

As you save your library at the hard drive, it is important to back up your library at a regular basis. You can save your back-up file on your hard drive, in a cloud service or send it by mail to yourself.

  1. Open your Endnote Library
  2. Go to ”File”
  3. Choose "Compress Library (.enlx)"
  4. Choose the options you prefer
  5. Choose "Next"
  6. Decide where to save your back up file and give it a name, we suggest that you include the date in the name.
  7. Save