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working with key words

You don't need to have a well-defined research question in order to begin searching in library databases. Instead, you can start by identifying key concepts related to your topic. Once you have identified these key concepts, it is important to expand your search by considering synonyms and related terms. This will enhance your ability to find more relevant articles.

By using synonyms in your research,you can:

  1. Explore more: Using different words related to your topic helps you find a wider range of information, making your research more comprehensive.

  2. Consider different perspectives: Synonyms allow you to look at your topic from various angles and perspectives.

  3. Stay up-to-date: By using synonyms, you can keep track of changing terminology and trends in the design field, ensuring your research remains relevant.

You can use a worksheet  to develop you own keywords and to write down synonyms and related search terms:

Worksheet for keywords


Example of filled out worksheet:


Keywords (in swedish)

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