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Journals A-Z in the field of Design studies

At Publication A-Z for Malmö University you are able to see the journals er subscribe to i.e. have access to. Browzing a journal can be a good starting point when you're not yet familiar with the subject. Here are a list of relevent design journals:

Design and Culture

  • Design Issues
  • Design Journal
  • Design Philosophy Papers
  • Design Studies
  • Designs for Learning
  • Design Management Review
  • Harvard Design Magazine
  • Journal of Design History
  • Places Journal
  • The Design Journal
  • West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture

Digital Design

  • Digital Creativity
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Human IT (In Swedish)
  • Interacting with Computers
  • International Journal of Design
  • Interactions
  • Information Technology and People

Graphic Design

  • Grafica
  • Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design
  • Print
  • She – The Journal of Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Visual Inquiry

Architectural and Landscape Design

  • Form Akademisk
  • Journal of Landscape Architecture
  • Leonardo
  • Materials & Design
  • Mobilities
  • Swedish Design Research Journal
  • Visual Studies

Design Theory and Cultural Studies

  • Theory, Culture & Society
  • Journal of Visual Culture

Google scholar

Google Scholar is another useful search tool for searching information on interdisciplinary subjects. Google scholar is Google's scientific search engine where you search for books, articles, essays, theses and conference proceedings - all sources that have some scientific relevance.

To use Google scholar effectively (and reach the full text material) you need to go to: 

Google ScholarSettings → Library links → Malmö University - Full text@MAU