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Creative Commons

Which licence should I choose?

CC BY is recommended 

When you publish Open Access, you are normally required to choose a Creative Commons license for your publication. Malmö university recommends that you choose the most open license (CC BY) whenever possible. This is in accordance with our Open Access policy, which states that access to research publications should be as open as possible. The university recommends you to not sign away your copyright and to use a Creative Commons license, but there are no policy on which licence to choose. Requirements from funding organisations and publishers may be more specific on which licences you may choose.

If you for some reason do not want to apply a CC BY license, CC BY-NC or CC BY-SA are the preferred alternatives.

Funder requirements

Many of the big funding agencies in Sweden (Formas, Forte, Vetenskapsrådet) as well as international funding agencies (e.g. Horizon Europe, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation) require or recommend that research funded by their grants is published with CC BY

Why choose CC BY?

All CC licenses are:

  • Easy to understand
  • Globally recognised
  • Flexible, giving you control of how your work may be used by others
  • Helping to foster a culture of knowledge sharing

CC BY is recommended because:

  • It is the most commonly required by research funders
  • It allows text mining
  • It can be shared in ways not allowed by stricter licenses
  • It does not prohibit collaboration with privately funded research
  • It allows translations and other adaptations of the work 
  • It is the license most in line with our Open Access policy